New Items 1/12

We’ve received a lot of new to us items in the last couple of months.  For those of you who have lots of silver & silver plate, we now carry Hagerty’s ( line of silver polish & cleaner.  Recommended to me by Tom Finnerty of Antique Exchange, we have the polish in several sizes, the silver dip in 2 sizes & a silver cloth that has been treated – no need to add anything. We also carry Vernax from Hagerty.  This is a wonderful furniture polish to use on great grandmothers chest of drawers or any fine wood furniture.   Tom also suggested a product called Simichrome ( for, as the name suggests, chrome – but can also be used on silver, aluminum, brass…virtually any metal.  This works well on auto/motorcycle chrome also, especially the older stuff. Simichrome  is carried in a squeeze tube & a metal can.

Duct tape – we have always carried the gray, but we also carry colors – red, blue, yellow, green, white, black, orange. Plus we have Gorilla Tape – black & super sticky in a couple of widths.   Now we have patterned DuckTape by Shurtech Brands.  Right now we have 6 different patterns –  2 animal prints, 2 tie dye, camo & flames.

A new drywall/sheetrock anchor is also available –  WallClaw Anchors ( & you don’t need a drill to install them! It’s a hammer in anchor that comes with screws that is very simple to install.   They come in 3 package sizes & hold up to 90 pounds (depending on the thickness of your drywall).

Mille-Tie Quick Strip ( is a new cable tie that can be re-used over & over again.  If you are using them for a permanent installation, you can utilize the entire length as the excess can be cut off & used also instead of a long tail on your typical cable tie.  They come 12 inches in length & in various colors, and right not we have them in a 25 & 100 count package .

For you outdoor enthusiasts & frequent travelers we have OtterBox 2000 in black & Otterbox 8000 in clear (  They are waterproof to 100 feet & have a lifetime guarantee.  Along those same lines we have a great eyeglass case by NiteIze (  It is a hard shell case with a zipper top closure & has a integrated microfiber lens cloth.  There is a belt clip and a nylon tab for your carrying options.