Drywall, Plaster, Masonry, and Roofing

Falkenhan’s is your one stop shop for drywall: minus the drywall itself. The only drywall sheets we stock are 2’x2′ repair panels, however we have a full selection of just about everything else. Green, blue, and purple are all accounted for in 5gal buckets, with blue and green in 1gal for smaller jobs. If you like to mix your own, we also have 18lb bags of Easysand 5/20/45/90 minute variety and Durabond 45 and 90. Small and large rolls of both paper and mesh tape are available, along with some specialized mesh varieties and NEW! paperless drywall fiber tape. We have metal and vinyl cornerbead in 8′ and 10′ sticks Still have your original plaster walls? That’s no problem when we stock both plaster of paris and plaster wall patch in 4.5 and 25 pound quantities. Dash Patch brand wall patch is also carried in 25lb bags. Just have a small hole? We carry a variety of spackles including lightweight, high performance and dry-time indicative in pints and quarts along with mesh patches and patching tape.

We carry Quikrete brand ready mix cement in Concrete, Sand/Topping, and Mortar mix. They come in 60lb bags, and also 10lb bags, for ease of use or small jobs. Rockite expansion cement is avaliable in 1/5/10 pound sizes and we sell hydraulic cement by the quart or gallon. Sand is also carried in the finer play sand and coarser all purpose varieties in 50lb bags. Thinset cement for tile is also available, along with floor leveler in 4.5lb boxes or 25lb bags

Roof sprung a leak? Don’t overpay a for a roofer, face your acrophobia and get up there yourself! We carry trowel grade wet or dry roof cement, mop grade roof coating, and fibered aluminum silver coat in 5gal and 1gal buckets, and even caulk gun size for those tiny repairs. Through the Roof! clear roof sealant is also available in caulk gun tubes and gallon buckets.

We also carry all the tools necessary for these repairs, a vast assortment of trowels, knives, spatulas, buckets, troughs, slickers, roof brushes, mixers and everything in between.