Hand/Power Tools

We have a fairly large hand tool assortment.  Basic screwdrivers, hammers, saws, levels, wire & bolt cutters, pliers, etc.  Also included are tubing cutters, wire pipe brushes, seat wrenches, cpvc cutters, basin wrenches, etc.  Glue guns are available in 2 sizes, along with the glue sticks.  We also carry drywall tools, wood & cold chisels, tape measures, & chalk lines.

Power tools are limited to the basics unless a special order is requested or a really good sale is going on at my supplier.  We carry power drills, 7 1/4 circular saws, heat guns, palm & belt sanders, rechargeable screwdrivers, & a couple other odds & ends.  Drill bits ore sold by the set or individually in all purpose or masonry.  Paddle bits (speedbor – for wood) come in 6 or 16 inches.  Circular saw blades are carried in mostly 7 & 7 1/4 inch, but we do have some of the smaller blades for the rechargeable saws & some 8 and 10 inch blades.  There are also 7 inch masonry & metal abrasive blades available.  Screw bits & drivers are in packs or loose with some assortments in stock.