All nails are sold by the pound or increments thereof.  Common, finish, roofing, masonry, double-headed, and underlayment are available.   Weighing is self serve, but we are more than happy to do it for you.  We also carry small packages of wire nails, wire brads, trim nails, and upholstery, carpet and thumb tacks.

A sizable suite of picture hanging materials are offered, including hangers for drywall and plaster (no drilling required!) up to 100 pounds, hangers for concrete and brick up to 100 pounds, child-safe hangers, ring hangers, sawtooth hangers, screw-eyes and hanging wire in braided steel and invisible variety.

Wood screws & sheet metal screws are available by the each or by the box of 100.  Most of our wood screws are flat head in slotted (for you purists) or phillips head.  We do carry some brass wood screws in a flat, oval, & round head.  Sheet metal screw are flat or pan head and require a phillips screwdriver. Self-drilling screws come in pan head phillips or hex drive variety individually or in 100pk boxes.  There is a limited supply of flat phillips stainless sheet metal screws. 

We also carry round & flat head stove bolts, hex machine bolts, round & flat head machine screws, carriage bolts, & lag bolts in assorted sizes. Nuts and washers of the flat and lock variety also abound in sizes from #6 up to around 1″.

Assorted kinds of anchors abound here.  Plastic, hollow wall, toggle (butterfly or winged) bolts, lag shields, lead shields, wedge anchors can all be had.

Door hinges, tee hinges, strap hinges, narrow hinges, continuous (piano) hinges, barrel bolts, & floor bolts, are all available in various sizes. Storm doors are also accounted for with push button and turn knob latches, pneumatic door closers, storm door hinges and spring doorstops all available.

Tapes of all kinds are supplied here! Packing, strapping, and masking are all covered, multiple kinds of duct tape, including solid colors, NEW! printed duct tape, Scotch residue-free and Gorilla Tape! Aluminum foil tape for ductwork and double sided carpet tape can also be had, along with the classic Blue painter’s tape and the NEW! Frog Tape.

Broken window? Torn screen? Go somewhere and pay a fortune for a new one… or do it yourself! We cut glass to size for picture frames and windows up to 36″x48″ and also stock the push points and glazing to install them. We also cut silver or black aluminum screen to size in widths ranging from 24″ to 36″ and also stock the spline and spline rollers to put them back in.