Lock and Key

Here at Falkenhan’s we offer your basic selection of home security measures: Knobs with and without locks, single and double cylinder deadbolts, surface mount and jimmyproof deadbolts, and keyed alike sets of an entry knob and deadbolt. We also keep bit key rim locksets and mortise locks in stock for those of you who like to keep your houses original. Knobs, spindles, and set screws for said old doors also can be found here.

We carry primarily Master locks and American locks with other assorted brands, in sizes from tiny TSA approved luggage locks all the way up to the “hockey puck” style uncuttable locks you see on work trucks, and everything in between. However, what is a lock without something to put it through? We offer a wide selection of hasps from both Stanley and American Lock, including 90 degree and hinged hasps for those tough to secure spots.

Key duplication is something we pride ourselves in at Falkenhan’s, where we hold about a 98% success rate (and we’ll tell you if we think it’s iffy). We can cut most house keys and most car keys (as long as they don’t have a chip!). In addition to the boring silver sand brass colored keys we also offer designer keys in a multitude of pictures and patterns. We also sell split rings, carabiners, leather belt loops, key tops, tags, and just about every other key ring doodad.