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Summer Items! 5/12

Falkenhan’s attempts to carry all your basic necessities for all the little jobs relating to  shaping up the yard, tending the gardens, and cooling off afterwards!

Beat the heat!

With the way this winter was, seems like a lot of people are calling for a hot summer! Save some cash and try a fan this summer to offset your a/c costs! We carry a variety of fans, from tabletop to tower, to window to box fans, to place-anywhere clip on fans all the way to serious high velocity metal fans, for the floor OR on a pedestal.  We also usually stock a couple 5000 BTU  window unit air conditioners, but please call first to confirm as they do go fast! Screens are also a hot buy, and we sell expandable window screens  in a variety of sizes. We even sell HUGE window screens for those of you in Charles Village (and elsewhere) who have those extremely wide (~60″) windows! We also carry ventilator style screens, with metal grates on the outside for airflow even in nasty weather.

Embrace the Heat!

Don’t worry, here at Falkenhan’s we don’t want you to stay inside all summer! We’ve got all your basic garden tools and accessories with an emphasis on simplicity and reliability. Here’s a nowhere near comprehensive list:

  • Garden Hoses (12’/25’/50’/75’/100′) AND all essential repair parts, with a wide range of nozzles and sprayers
  • Soaker/Weeper Hoses (25′ and 50′) and Sprinkler Hoses in 50′, mechanical and electronic water timers, and a wide selection of valves, spigots, sprinklers  and adapters to set up your own hassle-free irrigation system
  • Have a jungle for a backyard? We’ve got all kinds of cutting tools for every type of plant out there. We’ve got shears for pruning, shears for grass (even 2 position!), shears for hedges and loppers for branches. We’ve got fold out pruning saws and 2 sizes of bow saws for larger branches, and we usually have some tree pruners for those high in the sky branches. We’ve got a slew of “old fashioned” tools for those who long for the days of yore (or more commonly, want to break free from the shackles of gas and electricity!) including push-reel lawnmowers (and home sharpening kits!) roller edgers, half moon edgers, and 2 sizes of grass whip! Don’t forget to clean up smart! We always have tall paper lawn and leaf bags and even clear plastic bags, for those of you in Roland Park and elsewhere who require them.
  • Once the old is out, it’s time for the new! While we don’t carry seeds or plants (due to space and expertise retraints, sorry!), we have almost everything to get you up to that point. We stock rolls of lawn edging, rolled and folding wire garden fencing, and burlap, paper, and mesh weedblock for flower beds, plus topsoil and potting soil, and even bags of lime. One of our big sellers is also tomato cages, of which we stock 2 sizes, and also bamboo dowels, which have a variety of uses outside of propping up plants. Got a patchy lawn? We’ve even got grass seed, in 1 pound bags.
  • Uh oh, got bugs or fungus on your plants? Falkenhan’s stocks just the thing! We carry Safer brand Insect Killing Soap and Garden Fungicide, both totally organic and safe for plants, pets, and kids!
  • Maybe you’re one of the many Baltimoreans who manage to survive without a full garden or even front or back yard. For those who still want to flex their green thumbs, we carry window boxes and the brackets to mount them!
  •  Got a deck, porch, or patio? Take care of it right by keeping the water rolling right off with a good waterproofer. Falkenhan’s proudly stocks Superdeck’s Duckback Waterproofer, which only requires a new coat every 2 years! This would be comparable to the more well known Thompson’s Waterseal, which we also stock in quart, gallon, and spray can, but remember, it only lasts a year!
  • Gotta clean up the outside of the house and surroundings, but worried about harmful chemicals? Falkenhan’s has a new product that may be just the thing! We recently started carrying Trimaco’s Supertuff Eco Wash, a ready to use, environmentally friendly all purpose outdoor cleaner, safe for plants and even animals. We also stock Trimaco’s House Wash and Paint Prep, a much more green, effective alternative to TSP and bleach for cleaning mold and mildew from siding or cleaning up before a new paintjob.

Enjoy the Heat!

As they say, all work and no play *blah blah blah*, so we don’t JUST carry things to enable you to do manual labor! (: We usually keep a couple different grills in stock, small hibachis, Weber-style round, and maybe some  portable gas grills. We also keep 10lb bags of hardwood charcoal on hand and 50lb bags of play sand for sandboxes. We also stock 3′ and 4′ diameter kiddie pools (good for kids and dogs!) and Gatorade-style drink cooler/dispensers for your cookout or picnic. And for you lucky ones, YES, we sell pool shock!


New Items 1/12

We’ve received a lot of new to us items in the last couple of months.  For those of you who have lots of silver & silver plate, we now carry Hagerty’s ( line of silver polish & cleaner.  Recommended to me by Tom Finnerty of Antique Exchange, we have the polish in several sizes, the silver dip in 2 sizes & a silver cloth that has been treated – no need to add anything. We also carry Vernax from Hagerty.  This is a wonderful furniture polish to use on great grandmothers chest of drawers or any fine wood furniture.   Tom also suggested a product called Simichrome ( for, as the name suggests, chrome – but can also be used on silver, aluminum, brass…virtually any metal.  This works well on auto/motorcycle chrome also, especially the older stuff. Simichrome  is carried in a squeeze tube & a metal can.

Duct tape – we have always carried the gray, but we also carry colors – red, blue, yellow, green, white, black, orange. Plus we have Gorilla Tape – black & super sticky in a couple of widths.   Now we have patterned DuckTape by Shurtech Brands.  Right now we have 6 different patterns –  2 animal prints, 2 tie dye, camo & flames.

A new drywall/sheetrock anchor is also available –  WallClaw Anchors ( & you don’t need a drill to install them! It’s a hammer in anchor that comes with screws that is very simple to install.   They come in 3 package sizes & hold up to 90 pounds (depending on the thickness of your drywall).

Mille-Tie Quick Strip ( is a new cable tie that can be re-used over & over again.  If you are using them for a permanent installation, you can utilize the entire length as the excess can be cut off & used also instead of a long tail on your typical cable tie.  They come 12 inches in length & in various colors, and right not we have them in a 25 & 100 count package .

For you outdoor enthusiasts & frequent travelers we have OtterBox 2000 in black & Otterbox 8000 in clear (  They are waterproof to 100 feet & have a lifetime guarantee.  Along those same lines we have a great eyeglass case by NiteIze (  It is a hard shell case with a zipper top closure & has a integrated microfiber lens cloth.  There is a belt clip and a nylon tab for your carrying options.